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What is the opposite of software?


Which term is used to refer to applications, scripts, and programs that run on a device?

Software Application

What is the process of designing and developing something using best practices, principles, and methods called?


What type of software is designed for a specific application or purpose?

Web Application

Which type of software refers to a set of instructions, data, or programs used to operate computers and execute specific tasks?

System Software

What term is used to describe software that is designed to perform specific functions in a larger system or product?

Embedded Software

What is the primary focus of software engineering?

Analyzing customer and business requirements

What is the main concern when creating a software product?

Satisfying the needs of the end-user and the business

Which characteristic refers to the software's ability to perform according to design specification?


What does maintainability of software products refer to?

Ease of repairing and improving software code

What is meant by the efficiency of software?

Utilizing resources effectively and efficiently

Which characteristic describes the likelihood a software product will operate without failure over a specified period of time?


What is meant by the term 'user-friendly' in relation to software?

Characterized by its ease of use for users

Which characteristic deals with the modification of errors and minor alterations to software code?


What does portability of software refer to?

The ability of software to operate on different platforms or systems

What is meant by software development being 'affordable'?

The development process is completed within the specified budget

Test your knowledge about software engineering, process models, and requirement engineering. Learn about the definition of software and its application domains.

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