Introduction to Political Theory: Human Nature

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Human nature is influenced by both genetic factors and social conditioning.

The theory of natural selection was developed by Charles Darwin.

Racialist theories suggest that there are no basic biological differences between human beings.

Marxism, as presented by Karl Marx, claims that human nature is formed through a dynamic relationship between humankind and the material world.

Essentialist feminism argues that the difference between males and females is rooted in their 'essential' natures.

Government is usually understood more narrowly to be a set of established and permanent institutions whose function is to maintain public order and _______.

According to social-contract theory, government is seen as a necessary defense against evil and barbarity, based on a(n) _______ view of human nature.

According to the text, all systems of government encompass three basic functions: the making of laws, the implementation of laws, and the interpretation of law.

Government of any kind is both oppressive and unnecessary.

An alternative tradition portrays government as intrinsically benign, as a means of promoting good and not just of avoiding harm.

What are the three basic functions encompassed by all systems of government?

According to social-contract theory, how is government viewed in relation to human nature?

What is the classic argument in favor of government, as per social-contract theory?

How is government usually understood more narrowly?

What are the controversial issues surrounding government?


Explore the fundamental concepts of human nature in the context of political theory, including the nature vs. nurture debate, intellect vs. instinct, and competition vs. cooperation. Delve into genetic factors and their implications for society, as well as the influence of biological theories on political thought, including the theory of natural selection and social Darwinism.

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