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What is the primary focus of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

Achieving the best mix of pest control tactics for local pest problems

What does the term 'Damage/Economic Injury' refer to in the context of pests?

Monetary value lost due to pest-related spoilage or yield reduction

What is the goal of IPM in relation to farmers and consumers?

Ensuring safety for farmers and consumers

How does IPM differ from traditional pest control methods?

IPM integrates multiple compatible methods while maintaining pest populations below economic injury levels

What does a 'Pest Management Strategy' aim to do?

Reduce the economic impact of pests on crops

What is the overarching principle behind IPM's approach to pest control?

Harmoniously utilizing various methods while keeping pest populations below economic injury levels

When were insect-resistant transgenic cotton, maize, and potato first commercialized in the USA?


Who was awarded the World Food Prize for developing and implementing the world's largest biological control project for cassava mealy bug in Africa?

Dr. Hans R. Herren

In what year were the environmental economic injury levels proposed by L.P. Pedigo and L.G. Higley?


Which technique led to Dr. Edward F. Knipling and Dr. Raymond C. Bushland being awarded the World Food Prize?

Sterile-insect technique

Who persevered with the publication of her book despite fighting breast cancer in 1960?

Rachel Carson

In what year was the first transgenic plant developed by M.Vaeck & co-workers for controlling Manduca sexta?


When was the book 'Silent Spring' published and what impact did it have on the use of pesticides?

1962 - It highlighted the negative environmental impacts of pesticide misuse and overuse.

What marked the establishment of biological control as a separate discipline in entomology?

Publication of the book 'Biological Control of Insect Pests and Weeds' by Paul DeBach.

Which project was based on Bacillus popilliae & Bacillus lentimobus for controlling Japanese beetle larvae?


In which year was the insect growth regulator Methoprene first registered for commercial use in the USA?


What is the primary focus of the sterile-insect technique in pest control?

Releasing large numbers of sterilized insects to reduce pest populations.

Which publication highlighted the impact of DDT and other pesticides on birds?

'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson

What is the goal of a 'Reduce-numbers Strategy' in pest management?

To reduce the inherited reproductive potentials of populations

How does the 'Reduce-Crop Susceptibility Strategy' differ from the 'Reduce-numbers Strategy' in pest management?

By relying on host plant or animal changes to make them less susceptible to pests

Which technique aims to dampen insect population peaks by altering certain factors like habitat favorableness?

Crop rotation

What is the purpose of reducing crop susceptibility in pest management?

To render crops less susceptible to damage by pests

How does Integrated Pest Management (IPM) utilize a preventive approach?

By preventing problems through a history of issues and monitoring for early signs of pests

In what way does an Environmental Economic Injury Level differ from an Economic Threshold Level?

An Environmental Economic Injury Level represents when damage begins while an Economic Threshold Level indicates when control action should be taken

Learn essential terms related to pest management including integration, pests, and management. Understand the concepts of injury, damage, and economic injury in the context of pest control.

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