Introduction to Microsoft Windows Operating System

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What does Windows provide as an advancement of MS-DOS?

Graphic icons through a GUI

Which feature is NOT listed as an advantage of Windows over MS-DOS?

Batch file execution

What symbol indicates the computer system is 'busy' during booting?

Hourglass symbol

What is commonly referred to as the working environment in Windows?


Which version of Windows is specifically mentioned in the text?

Windows 7

What initiates the housekeeping functions in a computer system during startup?


What is the purpose of the Recycle Bin on the Windows desktop?

To restore deleted files from the hard disk

Where can user-created folders and files be saved on the Windows desktop?

In Default Document Folder

What do yellow folders represent on the Windows desktop?

User-created folders

Which feature is used to adjust computer settings on a Windows system?

Control Panel

What is the purpose of the Taskbar on a Windows desktop?

To keep track of all open windows and applications

Which device is primarily used for navigation purposes on a computer system?


Learn about the history and features of the Microsoft Windows Operating System, including its transition from MS-DOS to a Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment. Explore the advantages of Windows such as support for pointing devices, multi-tasking, multi-users, and networking.

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