Introduction to Microeconomics: Goods, Services, and The Economy

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What is the primary focus of 'The Economy'?

Why do we study Economics?

What does 'scarcity of resources' mean in Economics?

What are 'Resources' in Economics primarily referring to?

In Economics, what does 'Capital Accumulation' refer to?

What are goods in the context of microeconomics?

Which term best describes the forgone benefit of choosing one option over another in microeconomics?

What does division of labor mean in microeconomics?

What is the focus of macroeconomics?

What does microeconomics focus on?

True or false: The economy is a theoretical study of the practical application of Economics.

True or false: Scarcity of resources means that people's want for goods and services exceed what is available for them.

True or false: Economics is the study of how a society can make decisions in the face of abundant resources.

True or false: Resources are the inputs that are necessary to produce the goods and services but they exist in unlimited supply.

True or false: Goods and services are the outputs that result from the use of resources in production.

True or false: Goods are items that are always intangible in microeconomics.

True or false: Division of labor makes all workers less productive.

True or false: Microeconomics only focuses on the actions of individual agents within the economy.

True or false: Opportunity cost is the benefit derived by choosing an option over another.

True or false: Macroeconomics looks at the economy as a whole and does not consider individual components.


This quiz covers the fundamentals of microeconomics, including the concepts of goods and services, the functions of an economy, and capital accumulation. It is based on Chapter 1 of the Microeconomics course taught by Prof. Dr. Fathy ElTony.

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