Introduction to Information Security

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What were the fundamental problems with ARPANET security identified in the 1970s and 80s?

What was the primary purpose of UNIX during its creation in the late 1970s?

What influenced the ability to secure a computer's data in the 2000s?

What was the early focus of computer security research in the 1960s?

What brought millions of unsecured computer networks into continuous communication with each other in the 2000s?

Which of the following best defines information security?

What was the immediate outcome after the development of the first mainframes in terms of security?

Which term best describes the process of ensuring that information is always available and accessible to authorized users?

What is the primary reason for security professionals to review the origins of the field of information security?

What does the security systems development life cycle primarily involve?


Learn about the fundamentals of information security including defining information security, the history of computer security and its evolution, key terms and critical concepts, and the phases of security systems development life cycle.

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