Introduction to Histology: The Study of Body Tissues

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What is the primary aim of tissue fixation in histology preparation?

To preserve the morphology of cells

Which step comes immediately after clearing in the basic steps of tissue preparation for histology?

Infiltration or impregnation

What is the purpose of staining in histological examination?

To enhance visualization of cellular components

Why is fixation necessary in tissue preparation for histology?

To preserve the structure and molecular composition of cells

What is the recommended pH range for fixation?


At what temperature is fixation generally carried out for light microscopy?


Which factor affects the speed of decalcification the most?

Type of decalcifying agent

What is the purpose of dehydrating tissues after fixation?

To prepare tissues for staining

What is the main purpose of embedding a specimen in wax before section cutting?

To make the tissue block easier to handle in the microtome

What is the purpose of the trimming process in histological techniques?

To remove excess wax from the tissue block

Which type of dye is used to stain nucleic acids and glycosaminoglycans in histological staining?

Basophilic dyes

What is the typical thickness range for paraffin sections in histological techniques?

4-6 microns

Learn about histology, which involves the study of tissues and how they form organs in the body. Explore the structure and arrangement of cells to optimize organ functions.

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