Introduction to General Pharmacology

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What is the primary focus of Pharmacology?

Studying the interaction of chemical molecules with living systems

What does Pharmacodynamics study?

The physiologic effects of drugs and their mechanisms of action

Which branch of pharmacology deals with the ADME of drugs?


What does Pharmacotherapeutics involve?

Selecting appropriate drugs for treatment based on patient features

Which term describes the scientific study of drugs in humans?

Clinical Pharmacology

What defines a substance as a drug?

Intended for use in diagnosis, cure, or prevention of disease

What is the primary goal of clinical pharmacology?

To generate data for optimal drug use

What distinguishes chemotherapeutic agents from pharmacodynamic agents?

They are specifically designed for malignant cells

What does pharmacy primarily involve?

Collection and preparation of drugs for administration

In drug development programs, what aspect is considered in preclinical toxicity studies?

The substance's carcinogenic and genotoxic potential

What distinguishes prescription drugs from nonprescription drugs?

Considered safe for use only under medical supervision

What is the focus of toxicology studies related to drug effects?

Study of poisonous effects and prevention, detection, and treatment of poisonings

Explore the fundamentals of pharmacology, the science that deals with the interaction of drugs with living systems. Learn about properties, effects, mechanisms of action, absorption, distribution, biotransformation, and excretion of drugs.

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