Introduction to Entrepreneurship

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Which type of entrepreneur conceptualizes a business plan and puts in effort to establish a business?

What type of entrepreneur inherits the business from their fathers and forefathers?

Which type of entrepreneur licenses trademarks and business methods to a franchisee?

In what style do Achievers primarily run their businesses?

Which type of entrepreneur engages in manufacturing activities?

What is a key characteristic of an entrepreneur according to the provided text?

Why do entrepreneurs invest their own money or borrow money for the business?

What is considered a reward of being an entrepreneur according to the text?

Why is entrepreneurship important to a country according to the text?

What is the main aim of entrepreneurs in terms of their products' value?


Explore the fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship with Estephany Gerona's lecture. Learn about who an entrepreneur is, how they plan and organize new enterprises, and the importance of perceiving business opportunities and taking risks.

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