Introduction to Electronic Communication: Communication Systems

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What type of signals are explored in the lesson?

Analog and Digital Signals

Which term is used to describe a communication mode where data can only flow in one direction at a time?


What type of transmission involves the entire bandwidth of the medium?

Broadband Transmission

What does the signal-to-noise ratio measure?

Quality of a signal in terms of background noise

Which term is associated with expressing noise level using logarithmic units?


What concept involves combining multiple signals into one signal for transmission?


What type of transmission mode allows data to flow in both directions simultaneously?

Full Duplex

Which term refers to combining multiple signals into one for transmission over a shared medium?


In communication, what is the purpose of modulation?

To convert digital signals to analog signals

What does gain refer to in communication systems?

The increase in signal strength during transmission

This quiz covers the types of electronic communication such as analog signals, digital signals, modulation, multiplexing, simplex, full duplex, half duplex, baseband transmission, broadband transmission, amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, and more. Explore the basics of electronic communication systems in this lesson.

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