Introduction to Drama: What is Drama?

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True or false: The drama is difficult to read because it is meant to be seen, not read?

True or false: Modern drama has become the greatest form of mass entertainment in the western world since the turn of the twentieth century?

True or false: The playwright must only be aware of the interests and opinions of the actors and producer?

True or false: The drama demands much imagination and attention on the part of the reader to enable him to hear the tones and see the actions of the actors against an imaginary background?

True or false: The drama is also difficult to write because the playwright has no need to consider the interests and opinions of the audience?

What does a liberally educated person should know about the English language?

What does the history of English signify?

How do political, economic, and social forces influence a language?

What does the diversity of cultures expressed in English serve as a reminder of?

What aspects should a liberally educated person know about regarding the English language?


Test your knowledge of the basics of drama with this quiz. Explore the definition, purpose, and elements of drama as a literary form and performance art.

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