Introduction to Digital Logic Circuits: Logic Gates and Truth Tables

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Which logic gate performs the NOT-AND operation?

NAND gate

How many inputs does a NOT gate (Inverter) have?


Which logic gate can be used in the half adder, full adder, and subtractor circuits?

XOR gate

What is the minimum number of inputs for an OR gate?


Which logic gate performs the NOT-OR operation?

NOR gate

What is the abbreviation for the exclusive-OR gate?

EX-OR gate

How many input variables are required for an exclusive-NOR gate?


Which theorem proves that when two or more input variables are AND'ed and negated, they are equivalent to the OR of the complements of the individual variables?

DeMorgan’s First Theorem

What type of circuits are dependent on clock cycles and past inputs to generate any output?

Sequential circuits

In which type of logic circuit does the output depend only upon present input?

Combinational circuit

Test your understanding of logic gates, symbols, and truth tables with this quiz. Explore the functions of AND gates, OR gates, NOT gates, and more.

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