Introduction to Database Management System (DBMS)

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What is the main job of a Database Management System (DBMS)?

Organizing and retrieving data in a convenient and efficient way

Which of the following is an application of a database according to the text?

Tracking production, inventory, and orders in manufacturing

What type of information does a DBMS handle in the context of accounting?

Payments, receipts, account balances, and financial details

In which sector does a DBMS manage customer info, accounts, loans, and transactions?


What is the primary function of a DBMS in the context of online retailers?

Tracks sales, online orders, generates recommendation lists, and maintains product evaluations

What is the primary purpose of a database system?

To efficiently manage and organize data to avoid redundancy and inconsistency

In a typical file processing system, what was a significant drawback?

Data redundancy and inconsistency

What problem did the university face due to data isolation in the 1960s?

Difficulty in accessing data

Which sector primarily records calls, generates bills, and maintains balances on prepaid calling cards?


What role do databases play in our daily lives with the Internet revolution?

Significant role in online bookstores, banking websites, and more

What did database systems help organizations to avoid with the advance of technology?

Data redundancy and inconsistency

Why was it difficult to retrieve specific information in a typical file processing system?

Retrieving specific information required new application programs

Which major software companies incorporate databases into their product lines?

Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM

What kind of information does the finance sector primarily store in databases?

Information about holdings, sales, purchases of financial instruments, and realtime market data

What did more people directly interact with as technology advanced?


Explore the fundamentals of a Database Management System (DBMS), which acts as a digital librarian for organizing and retrieving data efficiently. Learn about the importance of DBMS in storing and securing vital business information.

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