Introduction to Computers

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What is the primary function of a computer?

Accepting raw data and processing it with a set of instructions

From which Latin word is the term 'computer' derived?


What was the first computer believed to be invented by Charles Babbage?

Analytical Engine

Which component of a computer is responsible for executing instructions from software and hardware?


What is the primary memory for data transfer between the CPU and storage in a computer?


What represents decimal numbers through a string of binary digits in a computer?


Which term is used for the components of a computer such as wires, transistors, circuits, and hard disk?


Who is known as the father of the computer?

Charles Babbage

What was used as read-only memory in the Analytical Engine?

Punch cards

What can a computer process other than numerical calculations?

Both numerical and non-numerical calculations

Explore the fundamental concepts of computers, including input, processing, and output of data. Learn about the versatility of computers in performing various types of calculations and operations, and how they are designed to execute applications.

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