Introduction to Computers and Computer Programs

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What is the main purpose of a computer?

Which of the following is NOT one of the five basic characteristics of a computer?

What is the main advantage of using computers?

What does a computer program consist of?

What is the purpose of system analysis in the SDLC?

What does Information System (IS) refer to?

What is the main difference between data and information?

Which of the following qualities defines valuable information?

How can data be converted into useful information?

What constitutes knowledge in the context provided?

In the context provided, what defines valuable information as 'timely'?

What distinguishes knowledge workers (KW) from data workers (DW) based on the text?


This quiz covers the basic introduction to computers, their uses in various fields like business, medicine, entertainment, and the concept of computer programs. Learn about how computers work and their applications.

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