Introduction to Chinese Cuisine

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What utensil did the Chinese use during the Bronze Age for cutting up foods into small pieces?

Bronze cleaver

During which dynasty did the Chinese start using seasonings such as soya sauce, vinegar, and spices in their cooking?

Zhou dynasty

What was the importance emphasized by Confucius in Chinese cooking?

Heat application and blending of different flavors

What were the correct applications given in Chinese cooking according to Confucius?

High, moderate, or low heat; blending of sour, piquant, salty, bitter, or sweet flavors

What was the emphasis in Chinese cooking to achieve a harmonious whole?

Blending of different flavors

What type of pot did the Chinese use during the Bronze Age similar to the modern wok?

Bronze pot

What are the main characteristics of Chinese cuisine in terms of harmony?

Harmonious blending of colors, aromas, flavors, shape, and texture

What are the components of a balanced Chinese meal?

Combination of FAN (carbohydrate source like rice, noodles) and CAI (dishes of vegetables, fish, meat)

What are the three key ingredients known as the holy trinity of Chinese cooking?

Ginger, chilli, garlic

What important element of Chinese cooking involves matching slices, shreds, cubes, and chunks for a balanced effect?

Cutting of ingredients

What is the most common cooking method used in Chinese cuisine?

Stir frying

What are the common drinks in Chinese culture that have been consumed for hundreds of years?


Explore the origins and history of Chinese cuisine, which is deeply rooted in a culture with over 4000 years of heritage. Learn about the unique culinary art that has remained relatively unchanged through centuries of refinement and development.

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