Introduction to Business Informatics Revision Lecture 13

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What is the main focus of informatics?

The study of natural and engineered computational systems

How is business informatics defined?

A subfield of applied informatics

What do information systems in business contexts mainly enable?

Professional practice, workflow, process, service provision, performance measurement, and decision making

What is the primary function of information systems?

Processing, communicating, and storing information

What do ICT systems primarily deal with?

Processing and communicating information

During which generation of computers were transistors introduced to replace vacuum tubes?

2nd Generation

What is the primary function of a computer according to the text?

Processing operations on data

Which category of computers is often embedded into household machines and cars?

Embedded computers

What is the hierarchy level of data organization that consists of a group of related fields?


Which category of computers is typically based on cell phones and has small screens and keyboards?

Mobile devices

Prepare for your business informatics exam with this revision quiz covering the basic information about informatics and the subfield of business informatics. Test your understanding of the study of computational systems, information representation, processing, and communication.

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