Introduction to Buddhism: Mahayana and Theravada Divisions

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In which countries is Mahayana Buddhism primarily practiced?

What are the two main divisions of Buddhism mentioned in the passage?

Where is Theravada Buddhism mainly followed?

How long has Buddhism been in existence according to the passage?

What did the emerging branches of Buddhism need to adapt to?

Who is the constant source of inspiration for the basic tenets of both major schools of thought in Buddhism?

What is the name of the standard collection of scriptures of Theravada Buddhists?

When were Siddhartha's teachings first recorded in writing?

What does the term 'pitaka' translate to in Pali language?

What is the Pali term for unsatisfactoriness or suffering?

What is the main focus of Siddhartha's teachings?

What are the 'Four Noble Truths' considered to be?

What prompted Siddhartha's pursuit for enlightenment?

How did Siddhartha view his role in relation to others?


Learn about the practical nature of Buddhism and its two main divisions, Mahayana and Theravada. Discover where these divisions are practiced and their respective number of followers.

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