Introduction to Blood Tissues and Plasma MCQ 2

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What is the function of white blood cells in the body?

Fight infection

Which part of the blood is primarily responsible for clotting?


What adaptation do red blood cells have to maximize surface area for oxygen transport?

Biconcave shape

What is the main function of plasma in the blood?

Act as a solvent

Which of the following is a characteristic of white blood cells?

No definite shape

What happens if a person with blood group A receives a transfusion of blood group B?

Serious harm to the person

Why are haemophiliacs unable to form blood clots effectively?

Platelets not functioning properly

Where are lymphocytes primarily active in the body?

In the lymphatic system


This is a correct answer.

Learn about the components and functions of blood as a tissue, including plasma, red blood cells (RBCs), white blood cells (WBCs), and platelets. Understand the role of plasma in transporting cells, hormones, and heat throughout the body.

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