Introduction to Biology: Life Sciences

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What is the science of life and living organisms?


What are the properties of life that define living organisms?

Order, Sensitivity, Reproduction, Adaptation, Growth and development, Regulation, Homeostasis, Energy processing

How do living organisms respond to external stimuli?

They are sensitive to and respond to external stimuli.

What is a negative response to a stimulus?

Movement away from the stimulus.

How do complex organisms reproduce?

They use specialized reproductive cells/organs to produce new individuals.

What is a positive response to a stimulus?

Movement towards the stimulus.

What is adaptation and how is it defined?

Adaptation is defined as an organism's 'fit' within their environment, demonstrating traits that increase reproductive potential and success.

Give an example of an animal adaptation and explain its purpose.

Camels living in deserts is an example of adaptation to harsh environments by conserving water and tolerating high temperatures.

What is homeostasis and why is it important for living organisms?

Homeostasis is the biological process of maintaining stability regardless of environmental conditions, ensuring internal environment stability for regular functions.

Describe the concept of thermoregulation and why it is essential for animals.

Thermoregulation is maintaining a constant body temperature, crucial for animals to function properly as enzymes have optimal temperature ranges.

Explain the significance of energy processing for living organisms.

Living organisms utilize sources of energy for metabolic processes, essential for growth, repair, and reproduction.

What is the taxonomical hierarchy and why was it developed?

The taxonomical hierarchy is a system to organize living organisms based on evolutionary history and connections, developed by Carl Linnaeus.

Learn about the definition of biology, living organisms, and the characteristics that define them. Explore the taxonomical hierarchy of living things and understand the properties of life such as order, sensitivity, reproduction, adaptation, and more.

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