Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - Knowledge Base Systems Quiz

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What is the instructor's email address?

Fantahun B.(PhD) [email protected]

When does the instructor hold office hours?

Tue - 10:30-12:10, 13:30-15:10 and Thurs - 13:30-15:10

What is the course title?

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS488)

On which date does the chapter 'Knowledge Base Systems (KBS)' start?


What are the objectives at the end of the 'Knowledge Base Systems' chapter?

Explain Knowledge engineering, properties of good knowledge base systems; Discuss expert systems as an example of knowledge base systems; Implement a small Expert System

Test your knowledge of Knowledge Base Systems (KBS) in the field of Artificial Intelligence with this quiz. Questions are based on the agenda of the course 'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS488)' and related resources such as 'AI: A Modern Approach 3e'.

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