Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

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Which field of study focuses on the body functions of a living organism?


What is the term for injuries that are not visible to the unaided eye?

Occult injuries

What is the basic functional unit of the body?


How do cells communicate externally with other cells?

By electrochemical signals

What is the function of the cell membrane?

To control the activities of the cell

What is the composition of the cell membrane?

A bilayer of phospholipid molecules

What is the role of cytoplasm in a cell?

To house chemical reactions necessary for life

Which term describes the condition where only certain substances can enter or leave each cell?


What is the function of organelles in a cell?

To perform specific functions within the cell

Which statement best describes somatic cells?

They include all cells in the human body except germ cells

Explore the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology, including gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, and physiology. Learn about the structure and function of the human body.

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