Introduction to Amos I: Name of Book and Canonization

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What does the name 'Amos' mean?

To carry a burden.

According to Rabbinical tradition, why was the title 'Amos' given to the prophet?

Because he stuttered.

Where was Amos from according to the text?


What was Amos's occupation before becoming a prophet?

Sheep herder

What type of trees is Amos described as owning or tending to?

Fig-mulberry trees

What was the common view about the occupation of the prophet Amos during his time?

He was a poor country peasant based on historical records.

What do the first person, singular pronouns in Amos 5:1;7:1-9;8:1 and 9:1 suggest about the prophet?

He personally experienced the events he preached about.

How does the text suggest that Amos' sermons were likely recorded?

They were written literature due to their structured and balanced nature.

How is the date of the prophecy in the Book of Amos estimated?

By Uzziah's reign dates and reference to an earthquake.

In which city did Amos preach to the northern kingdom of Israel?


Learn about the book of Amos, named after the prophet and explore the significance of its name. Understand its placement in the Old Testament scriptures as part of the 'latter prophets' and 'the Twelve' list of minor Prophets.

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