Interpreting 'Daybreak' by Longfellow

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What does the wind do as it comes out of the sea in 'Daybreak'?

Urges the mists to make room for it

What does the wind do when it reaches the farm in 'Daybreak'?

Whispers to the cornfield to bow down and welcome the morning

How does the wind interact with the belfry tower in 'Daybreak'?

Asks the bells to proclaim the hour

What is the wind's reaction when it reaches the churchyard in 'Daybreak'?

Heaves a sigh and does not disturb the dead in the graves

In 'Daybreak', what does the wind tell the mariners as it hails the ships?

To sail on

Test your understanding of Longfellow's depiction of the wind as a personified being in the poem 'Daybreak'. Explore how the wind interacts with different elements of nature at the break of day.

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