Internet Threats and Protecting Reputations Online Quiz

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What is one way to protect reputations online?

Avoid using names

Which type of internet threat is associated with ransomware?


How can one avoid copyright infringement?

Understanding the law

Which internet threat spreads through email messages and attachments?


What should one do if they see a disrespectful update posted online?

Ask the person to remove it or report it

What is a common characteristic of most internet threats mentioned in the text?

They often aim to deceive or steal data from users.

How can individuals protect their reputations online?

By avoiding using names in any online posts.

What is a key step in avoiding copyright infringement according to the text?

Understanding the laws related to copyright.

Which type of internet threat specifically aims to extort money by restricting access to files or systems?


Why is it important for individuals to think before posting anything on the web?

To ensure friends' reputations are protected.

Test your knowledge on internet threats like malware, spam, and phishing, and learn how to protect reputations online by being mindful of what you post and sharing. Topics include types of malware (virus, worm, trojan, spyware, adware, ransomware) and online reputation protection strategies.

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