International Relations: Superpowers and Foreign Policy

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Which term replaced the term 'developing countries' in the context of emerging markets?

Emerging markets

Which countries were specified as candidates for central roles in the international economy by a Goldman-Sachs report?

Brazil, Russia, India, China

What event prompted emerging powers to seek changing the dynamics of power in the international system?

Financial crisis in 2008

Which term was used to refer to countries that were less economically and politically dominated compared to their geographical neighbors from wealthy major or superpowers?

Emerging powers

Which country was considered a Superpower alongside the U.S. according to the text?


What is one of the main parameters used to classify Superpowers according to the text?

Possession of nuclear powers

Which term is used to describe countries that can practice diplomatic, political, economic, and military influence due to their massive capabilities?

Great Powers

What does a Superpower need to command in order to be considered a Superpower according to the text?

Significant hard power and soft power

What does the term 'soft power' refer to in the context of international recognition?

The ability of an actor’s value, culture, policies, and institutions to attract others

What distinguishes emerging/rising powers from other powers according to the text?

They are less democratic or recently democratized based on Western liberal democratic model

What is the primary purpose of foreign policy tools mentioned in the text?

To protect national security and ideology of the state

What do economic tools in foreign policy primarily shape?

Economic relations with other states

Explore key concepts in international relations such as superpowers, foreign policy, and the classification of global powers. Learn about the criteria for classifying superpowers and the tools of foreign policy.

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