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International Mother Language Day

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What is the main purpose of International Mother Language Day?

To promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity

On which date is International Mother Language Day celebrated?

21 February

When was International Mother Language Day first approved at the UNESCO General Conference?


Which country initiated the idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day?


What was the main reason behind the protest by East Pakistanis in 1948?

Urdu being declared as the sole national language of Pakistan

Who was the first person to demand Bangla to be recognized as a national language along with Urdu?

Dhirendranath Datta

What tragic event occurred on 21 February 1952 during the protests for the recognition of Bangla as a national language?

Police violence leading to the death of several protesters

Which monument do Bangladeshis visit to honor the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue?

Shaheed Minar

Why did the students of the University of Dhaka organize massive rallies and meetings?

To demand recognition of Bangla as a national language

What is the significance of celebrating International Mother Language Day for Bangladeshis?

To commemorate those who died for their mother tongue

Learn more about International Mother Language Day, an annual observance dedicated to promoting linguistic and cultural diversity worldwide. Explore the history and significance behind this day, as well as its connection to multilingualism and language preservation.

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