Internal Respiration and Lung Anatomy Quiz

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Where does internal respiration occur?

Tissue at the cellular level

Which part of the body is responsible for the physiological exchange of gases within the cell?

Cellular physiological process

Where does the apex of the lung rest in the chest area?

3-4 cm above the clavicles

Which part of the brain is responsible for being the inspiratory center?

Medulla Oblongata

Which nerve innervates the diaphragm, a muscle essential for breathing?

Phrenic nerve

Which muscle is NOT considered an accessory muscle for breathing?

Biceps brachii

What is the primary function of the respiratory system?

Exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide through respiration

Which muscle is primarily responsible for respiration?


On which level does the physiological process of respiration occur?

External, internal, and cellular

Which structures are contained in the mediastinum?

Heart and esophagus

What is the function of the phrenic nerve in respiration?

Innervates the diaphragm for breathing

Where does external respiration occur in the respiratory system?

Between alveoli and blood through alveolar-capillary membrane

Which primary muscle is responsible for inspiration during normal breathing?


What is the main stimulus for breathing under normal circumstances?

Rise in carbon dioxide levels

Which part of the respiratory system usually experiences fibrosis with age?


During pregnancy, what respiratory change occurs as the diaphragm rises?

Increased inspiratory volume

Which condition results in a less effective increase in respiration compared to hypercapnia?


What happens to the chest cavity during expiration?

Decreases in size

Test your knowledge on internal respiration and the anatomical structures of the lungs. This quiz covers the cellular physiological process of gas exchange, as well as details about the borders and apex/base of the lungs.

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