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Decathlon National Park test #3

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What Lake bed fills up only after heavy rain or snow?

Lake Lucero

How many Sq miles is the Gypsum Dunefield in White Sands National Park?

275 sq miles

What animal lives in Carlsbad Caverns?

Brazilian free-tailed bat

How tall is Helios

377.1 ft

What happened in 1966?

The National Historic Preservation Act is passed to protect archaeological sites.

What is a "low-lying soft wetlands that are permanently waterlogged"


What lake is in the mural in Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

Fossil Lake Wannagan

What year did French colonist Samuel de Champlain visit Mount Desert Island?


What section of the Appalachain mountains is Shenandoah in?

Blue Ridge mountains

What cave can be seen only on a ranger-guided tour?

Slaughter Canyon Cave

This quiz contains questions from the WHOLE book even including the timeline and glossary Enjoy and Good luck!

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