Building Construction Chapter 5

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Which factor is most significant when determining burn rate?

What can be measured and predicted in degrees when evaluating surface burning characteristics of a material?

Which is a type of fire-retardant coating?

What does the ASTM E-84 standard test measure?

Why are fire-retardant coatings not sufficient for increasing the fire resistance of structural members or assemblies?

What is the significance of a flame spread rating over 200 in occupancies?

What does the smoke developed rating measure?

What are fire partitions used for?

What is the purpose of tying walls in a steel frame or concrete construction building?

In what types of facilities may fire walls not be necessary?

What is the range for parapet height above a combustible roof determined by code?

What fire-resistive ratings are allowed for fire walls by the International Code Council?

What materials must be used for constructing 4-hour fire walls?

What is the required enclosure rating for stairwells in buildings 4 stories or lower?

What are the letter designations for fire door openings in vertical shafts and 2-hour partitions?

What type of doors close under the force of gravity when a fusible link melts or a smoke detector releases the hold-open device?

Where can glazing be used when a fire rating is required and visibility is desired?

What is the required enclosure rating for openings in exterior walls subject to moderate or light exposure from the outside?

What is the required enclosure rating for openings in fire walls greater than a 2-hour rating?

What is the required enclosure rating for openings between rooms and corridors having resistance rating of less than 1 hour?

What is permitted regarding the surface temperature rise on the unexposed side of most fire doors?

Under what condition may 1/3 hour rated doors not be subjected to a hose test?

What is permitted after 30 minutes during the flame test for fire doors?

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