Intergroup Relations and Crowd Behavior

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What are the factors that influence our behavior in crowds?

What are Le Bon’s 3 characteristics of crowd behavior?

What is deindividuation?

What did Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrate about roles and accountability?

According to Social Identity Theory, what promotes in-group favoritism and outgroup derogation?

What does the text suggest about the relationship between group size and loyalty?

What influences our behavior in crowds according to the text?

What is Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment known for demonstrating about roles?

What does Social Identity Theory indicate about threats to self-esteem?

What is deindividuation according to the text?

What theory explains that conflict between different groups results from individuals’ self-interest motives in competition for resources?

What is the term for the perception where each group sees its own behavior as caused by the actions of the other side?

Which strategy involves unilateral and persistent efforts to establish trust and cooperation between groups?

What is the term for goals that can be achieved only if members of both groups cooperate?

What form of relative deprivation is described as feeling deprived as a result of comparing status of your group with that of another group?

What strategy involves seeking an agreement through direct negotiation between both groups?

What are the conditions necessary for relative deprivation to occur?

What is the tendency to believe one’s ethnic or cultural group is preferable and that all others should be evaluated in relation to one’s ethnicity?

In which type of society are group members seen as homogenous and a strong distinction between ingroups and outgroups exists?

What is the term for the behavioural and psychological changes that happen when groups of individuals having different cultures come into continuous first-hand contact?

Which acculturation strategy involves maintaining one’s own culture while participating in the larger society?

What do collectivistic societies tend to see negotiating as?

What does the linear process model of acculturation suggest?

What does the cultural pluralism model of acculturation propose?

What is demanded by larger society in the context of acculturation?

Which strategy is considered the best for acculturation?


Explore the different theories explaining intergroup relations and the factors influencing behaviors in crowds. Learn about early research and theories of crowd behavior including Le Bon's characteristics of crowd behavior.

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