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What happens if an agency fails to approve or disapprove an original application within the prescribed processing time?

The application will be deemed approved.

What information should be included in a Citizen’s Charter?

Checklist of requirements for each application type

Which policy prohibits any contact with a requesting party except during document submission?

Zero Contact Policy

What is the purpose of the Central Business Portal established by DICT?

To facilitate online business registrations

Which term describes a regulation or system that fails to achieve its intended objectives?

Ineffective regulation

What must be avoided to prevent 'under-the-table' transactions according to the text?

Any contact with requesting parties except during document submission

What is the penalty for government officials/employees violating the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) on the 1st offense?

6-month suspension

What is the consequence for a government official/employee involved in fixing activities in exchange for money or benefits?

Termination from service

Who is responsible for reviewing and repealing outdated laws and regulations that create undue regulatory burden?

Civil Service Commission (CSC)

In the context of EODB violations, what does the term 'collusion with fixers' refer to?

Engaging in corrupt practices like bribery or extortion

What is the consequence for a government official/employee who fails to inform the applicant about the disapproval of their request?

Forfeiture of retirement benefits

What does the Citizen's Charter require government officers or employees not to do?

Reject applications with complete documents without a valid reason

What is the purpose of the Anti-Red Tape Authority?

To implement reforms to improve competitiveness ranking.

Who comprises the Ease of Doing Business/Anti Red Tape Advisory Council?

DTI Secretary, ARTA Director General, DOF, DICT, DILG Secretaries.

What actions can the Anti-Red Tape Authority take against non-compliant government employees?

Issue notices to erring employees and officials.

What does the creation of the EOBD/Art Advisory Council aim to achieve?

Streamline processes related to doing business.

How does the Anti-Red Tape Authority handle proposed major regulations of government agencies?

Review proposed regulations using submitted regulatory impact assessments.

What is one of the key roles of the Citizen's Charter?

To expedite approval processes for government permits.

Test your knowledge on the processing and approval of licenses, clearances, permits, and authorizations for telecommunication and broadcast infrastructure. Learn about the role of the Anti-Red Tape Authority in implementing policies to promote ease of doing business.

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