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What type of language is PHP?


Which type of tags should be avoided in PHP if you intend to parse XML?

Short-open tags

What configuration option is needed to recognize short-open tags in PHP?


What type of brackets are used to enclose a sequence of statements in PHP?

Curly braces {}

Which programming language is known for being case sensitive?


In C++, what creates an object's state?

Instance variables

What type of languages are typically used for dynamic websites?

Scripting languages

In the context of the provided text, what is PHP primarily used for?

Database management

Which file extension is recommended for PHP files according to the text?


Where is it advised to save PHP files for local testing according to the text?

htdocs folder in xampp folder

What is the key advantage of using scripting languages like PHP for form validation?

More secure data transmission

Which term refers to bringing together component sub-systems into one functional system?

Integrated systems

What is the purpose of system integration (SI) in the development of large, complex engineered systems?

To meld existing systems and new technologies for improved performance

What is the main difference between compiled and interpreted programming languages?

Interpreted languages directly execute code without compilation

Which aspect defines a programming language by specifying the combination of permitted symbols?


What is the main purpose of using programming languages in computer science?

To communicate instructions to machines and express algorithms

In system integration, what is essential for ensuring that hardware/software components fit together smoothly?

Coordination of preexisting and newly developed components

Study Notes

What is Integrative Programming?

  • Integrative programming combines and coordinates separate elements to construct an interrelated whole.
  • It involves designing individual modules to function cooperatively as an entire system.
  • Integrative programming incorporates modules coded in different languages to achieve a unified task.

What is an Integrative System?

  • An integrated system, or systems integration, is the process of bringing together component sub-systems into one functional system.
  • It provides a system with coherence by making the parts or components work together.
  • System integration is essential to the development of large, complex engineered systems.

System Integration (SI)

  • SI is used for melding existing systems and new technologies to form more capable systems.
  • It requires the coordination of preexisting and coexisting system components with newly developed ones.
  • SI ensures that specific hardware/software components fit together smoothly in a stated configuration.

Programming Languages

  • A programming language is an artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine (computer).
  • It is used to create programs that control the behavior of a machine and/or express algorithms.
  • A programming language is defined by its syntax (combination of permitted symbols) and semantics (arrangement of symbols that have meaning).

C++ Program Structure

  • A simple C++ program that prints "Hello World" includes the following code:
    • #include
    • using namespace std;
    • int main() { cout << "Hello World"; }

PHP Tags

  • PHP supports two types of tags: short-open (SGML-style) and ASP-style tags.
  • Short-open tags look like <? ?> and require the --enable-short-tags configuration option or the short_open_tag setting in the php.ini file to be enabled.
  • ASP-style tags look like <% %> and require the configuration option in the php.ini file to be set.

PHP Properties

  • PHP is a case-sensitive language.
  • Braces {} are used to make blocks of statements, allowing multiple statements to be executed as a single statement.

Dynamic Websites

  • Dynamic websites provide functionalities that can be used to store, update, retrieve, and delete data in a database.
  • A form is a document that contains blank fields, which the user can fill with data or select from a pre-defined list.
  • The data entered in a form is typically stored in a database.

PHP Form Validation

  • An example of a PHP form validation tutorial includes fields for:
    • Name
    • E-mail
    • Specific Time
    • Class details
    • Gender (Female/Male)

Running a PHP File

  • To run a PHP file, it must be:
    • Named with a .php file extension
    • Saved in the htdocs folder inside the xampp folder in the local C drive
    • Called in a browser by inputting the URL localhost/.php

Test your knowledge on the basics of integrative programming and technologies, including the concept of combining separate elements to construct a whole system and integrating modules coded in different languages. Learn about integrative systems and their importance in technology.

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