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Match the following terms with their definitions:

Accident = An unexpected event that causes injury Deductible = The cumulative amount that you must pay annually before benefits will be paid by the insurance company Claim = A request by you for payment by the insurance company of medical expenses that are covered under the insurance policy Emergency = A severe medical condition which may include pain, loss of breathing or consciousness, heart attack, stroke, poisoning, convulsions, severe bleeding

Match the following terms with their meanings:

Co-payment = The set or fixed-dollar amount you are required to pay each time a particular medical service is used as stated in your insurance policy Coverage = The conditions for which the insurance company will pay Basic Medical Plan = Insurance policy that pays agreed-on medical expenses up to a maximum Benefits = The money the insurance company pays for medical service to you if you become ill or injured

Match the following terms with their descriptions:

Co-insurance = The amount (usually percentage) you are obligated to pay for covered medical services after you've satisfied any copayment or deductible required by your health insurance plan sometimes paid by a secondary insurance plan Dependents = Family members as defined by your insurance policy as having insurance coverage included in your policy Provider = The entity that usually files the claim on your behalf Expenses = Costs related to medical services paid out-of-pocket or by insurance

Test your knowledge on basic insurance terms such as accident, basic medical plan, benefits, and claim. Learn about co-insurance and how it relates to covered medical services.

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