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Where are hydathodes present on a leaf?

The base of the veins of the leaf

In tall trees, where does the bulk of transpiration primarily occur?


In photosynthesis, where does dark reaction take place?

Grana of chloroplast

During photosynthesis, where is CO₂ accepted in the dark reaction?


What is the process where molecules move from higher to lower concentration when in direct contact?


'Endosmosis' refers to the movement of molecules:

'From their higher concentration to lower concentration when they are in direct contact'

What is the primary component of the inner lighter region of the kidney?

Henle's loops

During photosynthesis, where does the oxygen gas released come from?

From splitting water

Where are the renal papillae located in the kidney?


Which structure in the kidney marks the beginning of the ureter?

Renal pelvis

What is the functional and structural unit of the kidney?


Which part of the nephron is in the form of a double-walled cup?

Bowman's capsule

What is the main function of a Malpighian body in the nephron?

Filtration of blood

Where does the Henle's loop of the renal tubule mainly absorb water from?

Descending limb

What is the structure formed by the glomerulus and Bowman's capsule together known as?

Malpighian body

In which part of the nephron does absorption of water and useful substances from the filtrate mainly occur?

Proximal Convoluted Tubule

What is the primary function of the distal convoluted tubule in the nephron?

Secretion of ions into urine

Learn about the instructions for exams and the importance of analyzing the question paper before starting to write answers. This quiz covers guidelines such as not writing in the first 15 minutes, focusing on reading the question paper, and allocating time for answering each question.

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