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What is one way to motivate employees aside from financial incentives?

Recognition for a job well done

Why is it important for presenters to be fully prepared?

To ensure the audience listens and is interested in the topic

What is the significance of tracking results in an organization?

To measure profitability and ROI

What is the purpose of idea presentations according to the text?

To inspire and engage the audience

How does the author suggest companies measure their profitability when releasing new products?

By tracking Return on Investment (ROI)

What does the text emphasize about building products and services?

Valuing input from customers and sales members

What is one of the top priorities in business according to the text?

Meeting the demands and needs of the customer

According to Figure 2.2, which myth about customer needs is mentioned in the text?

Customers have latent needs they don't know they have

What does market validation involve according to the text?

Conducting customer interviews in the target market

Why is decision-making considered an enormous task in business?

Because the success of the business relies on it

What is one of the processes that an innovative leader should undergo according to the text?

Conducting thorough research to identify customer needs

What does market research and validation aim to justify according to the text?

The needs of the customers

What type of innovation is described as happening on an incremental basis in response to customer and market demands?

Sustaining innovation

Which company, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, is mentioned as continually improving and innovating its products?


In what location is Intel Corporation headquartered?

Santa Clara, California

Which of the following areas does Intel focus its innovation on according to the text?

Cloud computing and data center solutions

Which company started by intending to sell books but now sells a wide range of products globally?


What is the primary reason behind most companies using sustaining innovation according to the text?

To respond to customer and market demands

Test your knowledge on how innovative leaders conduct research to identify customer needs and prioritize ideas based on analysis. Explore common myths about customer needs and the importance of meeting customer demands.

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