Initial Reporting of Hate Crimes Procedures

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Who has the responsibility for reporting all hate crimes in the UCR statistics?

What action should officers take when responding to calls involving hate crimes or suspected hate crimes?

Where should officers forward reports involving hate crimes for crisis intervention and/or social services follow-up?

What is the purpose of forwarding a copy of the offense or incident report to the Southwest Texas Fusion Center?

Which unit has responsibility for forwarding UCR statistics on hate crimes to the Department of Public Safety?

What is the primary responsibility of the Hate Crimes Office according to the San Antonio Police Department General Manual?

According to the San Antonio Police Department General Manual, which major criminal offense may not be motivated by bias or hate?

Where can officers find the authority for identifying and reporting hate crimes as stated in the San Antonio Police Department General Manual?

Which term is defined in the Glossary section of the San Antonio Police Department General Manual?

What date did the procedure for identifying and investigating hate crimes by the San Antonio Police Department come into effect?

Which of the following criminal offenses is NOT specifically mentioned as potentially motivated by bias or hate in the San Antonio Police Department General Manual?

What is one of the criteria that officers should use to identify hate crimes?

Which factor indicates a potential bias-related motive for an offense?

What type of objects used by a perpetrator can suggest identifiable bias?

Which group is NOT explicitly mentioned as a target of bias in the text?

How does the text suggest officers should assess if bias was a motivating factor?

What should raise suspicions of potential bias in a crime according to the text?

Who is responsible for the preliminary investigation of criminal offenses involving bias or hate?

How should officers report offenses identified as hate crimes according to the guidelines?

Who makes the final determination as to whether a crime is classified as a hate crime?

What should officers do if they receive information on a criminal offense identified as a hate crime?

Where should all elements of an offense identified as a hate crime be listed?

What should officers do if they identify a criminal offense as a hate crime according to Section .04 criteria?


Learn about the procedures for reporting hate crimes, including identifying and documenting bias-motivated offenses against victims or victim groups. Understand the steps officers must take to classify an offense as a hate crime on police reports.

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