Inheritance and Object Methods Summary

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Which concept ensures that the base class's integrity is maintained in object-oriented programming?


In object-oriented programming, which class do all classes inherit from directly or indirectly?


Which concept allows a class to acquire methods from another class either directly or through a chain of inheritance?


In the context of object-oriented programming, what is the purpose of Figure-12 mentioned in the text?

Summarizing methods inherited by all classes

What type of relationship is established between two classes when one class inherits from another?


What is the main benefit of using inheritance in object-oriented programming?

Promotes software reusability

Which access modifier is typically used to give derived classes access to base-class members?


What is the purpose of using 'base' in derived classes in C#?

To access base-class members

Which relationship does inheritance represent in object-oriented programming?

Is-a relationship

In object-oriented programming, what does a derived class do in relation to a base class?

Add its own fields and methods to specialize

How are objects treated in relation to their inheritance hierarchy?

Derived-class objects are treated as objects of their base class

Which keyword declares that a derived-class method overrides a virtual or abstract base-class method?


What happens when a method is overridden with a more restrictive access modifier?

It breaks the is-a relationship

Which class represents an employee that receives a base salary in addition to a commission?


What can copying and pasting code from one class to another lead to?

Errors and duplicated code

Why must a derived-class constructor call its base-class constructor?

To ensure proper initialization of inherited instance variables

What does the virtual keyword allow in a base-class method?

Enables overriding in derived classes

Inheritance enables a derived class to access which type of members of its base class?

Protected members via public properties

This quiz covers the topic of inheritance in object-oriented programming, highlighting how all classes inherit directly or indirectly from the object class. The quiz also discusses the preservation of the base class integrity and provides a summary of object methods inherited by all classes.

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