Information Systems in Business Environment

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What is a key role of Information Systems Managers?

Decision makers

What is a primary function of Information Technology for managers?

Transferring data between physical locations

What is a characteristic of Leaders in the context of Information Systems?

Setting agendas

Why are Managers who understand the role of information systems crucial for success?

They create business value and are not easily replicated by competitors

What component of Information Systems helps in sharing data or resources among computers?


Which term best describes the function of Communications Technology in Information Systems?

Transferring data between physical locations

What is a distinguishing feature of Planners in the realm of Information Systems?

Forecasting future system needs and requirements

What role do Sense Makers play in Information Systems Management?

Decision making based on data analysis

What is a critical skill that Managers need related to information technology?

Understanding the business value of technology

In what way do Decision Makers contribute to the success of Information Systems?

Deciding on the strategic direction of technology usage

Explore the role of information systems in addressing business challenges and creating value through organizational and management changes. Learn about perspectives on information systems and develop a broad-based understanding of information literacy.

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