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What are the basic components of information systems?

People, processes, technology

Which organization uses a Point-of-Sale (POS) System?

Sports Analytics professional team

What does provide?

Geographic information system

What is the purpose of WireShark?

Network Analyzer

What is the main function of


What is the purpose of the integrated enterprise-wide information system mentioned in the text?

To handle procurement, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and other business functions

What does Anthony’s Triangle help in categorizing and understanding?

Information systems in organizations

What are the components of an information system as mentioned in the text?

Hardware, software, data, people roles, and process

What is the main function of Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) as per the text?

To handle daily transactions of the business

What does Metrash 2 Application provide based on the given information?

A portal for many services provided by the Ministry of Interior

Study Notes

Basic Components of Information Systems

  • Information systems consist of five basic components: hardware, software, data, people, and process.

Organization Using POS System

  • Retail organizations use a Point-of-Sale (POS) System to manage transactions and inventory.

  • provides navigation services, including traffic updates and route optimization.


  • The purpose of WireShark is to capture and analyze network traffic.

  • The main function of is to provide software solutions for business processes.

Integrated Enterprise-Wide Information System

  • The purpose of an integrated enterprise-wide information system is to provide a single, unified platform for all business operations.

Anthony's Triangle

  • Anthony's Triangle helps in categorizing and understanding the three types of managerial activities: strategic, tactical, and operational.

Components of an Information System

  • The components of an information system are: hardware, software, data, people, and process.

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

  • The main function of Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) is to process and record transactions efficiently.

Metrash 2 Application

  • The Metrash 2 Application provides a range of services, including identification, payment, and access control.

Test your knowledge on the definition and basic components of information systems, as well as their history and role in offering competitive advantage. This quiz covers the learning objectives of Chapter 1.

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