Information Security Fundamentals

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Which component is considered the 'weakest link' in information security?


What is the primary target of intentional attacks on information systems?


What type of attack uses a compromised system to attack other systems?

Indirect attack

Which of the following is considered the 'most difficult to secure' component of an information system?


What is the purpose of balancing information security and access?

To allow reasonable access while protecting against threats

Which of the following is considered an 'easy target' for exploitation?


What was the primary purpose of ARPANET in its early days?

To develop a redundant network of communications

What was one of the fundamental problems with early ARPANET security?

No safety procedures for dial-up connections to the network

How did the scope of computer security change over time?

It shifted from solely physical security to include data safety and access control

What was the role of the Multics operating system in the history of computer security?

It was the first operating system to prioritize security as a primary goal

How did the rise of microprocessors and personal computers impact computer security?

It decentralized computing and increased the need for resource sharing and security

What does the C.I.A. triangle stand for in the context of information security?

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability

What was a key issue with early Internet deployments in terms of security?

Security was treated as a low priority, resulting in many of the problems that plague email today

Which of the following is NOT one of the layers of security that a successful organization should have in place?

Software security

What are the necessary tools mentioned for ensuring information security?

Policy, Awareness, Training, Education, Technology

In the context of information security, what does 'Information Security' refer to?

The protection of information and its critical elements

Which aspect of information security focuses on safeguarding data from unauthorized access and ensuring it is only accessible to those with proper permissions?


Test your knowledge on key aspects of information security including software, hardware, data, people, procedures, and networks. Learn about the vulnerabilities and best practices in securing valuable assets and preventing cyber attacks.

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