Informant Testimony in Criminal Cases

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What is required for a federal informant to be disclosed in a state case?

The informant has a track record of providing accurate information

Which one of the following does NOT automatically grant veracity to an informant?

Having an anonymous identity

How can veracity be demonstrated through an informant's past actions?

By providing information that leads to a conviction

What is one way to overcome an informant's past instances of dishonesty?

Explain why the informant is being honest in this specific case

Why might anonymous informants be more difficult to rely on according to the text?

Their identities are not known to the police

What action can a prosecutor take if required to disclose an informant?

Dismiss the case instead of revealing the informant

How can an informant demonstrate their basis of knowledge?

'Track record' of providing accurate information

'Track record' veracity may be shown by what?

'Track record' of supplying correct information

'Identified or identifiable citizen' informants automatically have veracity because they:

'Can be verified'

What happens if an indictment superior court qualifies for confirming arrests?

The name or docket number of prior case must be disclosed.

Learn about the criteria for admitting informant testimony in criminal cases, such as the admission of criminal conduct and the rules regarding payments or promises to informants. Understand how veracity can be established based on the informant's fear of prosecution and the absence of inducements or rewards.

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