Influence of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs)

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How has the ubiquity of information communication technologies (ICTs) impacted human experience?

What has evolved and flourished over the past three decades?

What has become an intrinsic element of today’s society and its members’ lives?

What is the most crucial change related to human beings according to the text?

How does cyberspace relate to the habitual reality according to the text?

What is the central question raised in the context of the information revolution?

According to the text, what is the Naturalistic Approach used for defining?

What is the meaning of 'pharmakon' as discussed in the text?

What does the 'nihilist zeitgeist' entail as per the text?

What do some scholars draw on Naturalistic Approach to explicate, based on the text?


Explore the influence and evolution of information communication technologies (ICTs) on individuals and communities in the dynamic digital world. Understand the impact of technological convergence, internet, World Wide Web (WWW), and mobile communications.

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