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What are isolation precautions?

Measures to prevent the spread of infections

What is a teratogenic substance?

A substance that is harmful to the fetus

What is a non-pathogen?

A microorganism that does not cause a disease

Which of the following is a factor contributing to the potential effect of a microorganism?

Competence of a person's immune system

What does 'Direct Contact' involve in terms of transmitting microorganisms?

Immediate and direct transfer through touching, biting, kissing, or sexual intercourse

What does the 'Point of escape/exit of the organism from reservoir' signify?

The place where organisms leave their original source to cause damage

What is the main difference between asepsis and sepsis?

Asepsis is the absence of infection, while sepsis is the presence of pathogenic organisms in the blood or body tissues.

Which of the following substances destroys pathogens but generally does not destroy spores?


What is the term for a hospital-acquired infection?

Nosocomial infection

What does the term 'pathogen' refer to?

A disease-causing microorganism

Which precaution is used in the care of all hospitalized persons regardless of their diagnosis or possible status?

Standard precaution

What is the main characteristic of universal precautions?

They are techniques used with all clients to decrease the risk of transmitting unidentified pathogens.

What serves as an immediate means to transport an infectious agent in indirect contact vehicle-borne transmission?


Which of the following can serve as vectors in vector-borne transmission of pathogens?

Flying insects

What is the single most effective way of preventing the spread of organisms and interrupting the Chain of Infection?

Hand hygiene

Where are transient bacteria typically found on the skin?

Clean and exposed areas

What is the residue of evaporated droplets emitted by an infected host known as in airborne transmission?

Droplet nuclei

When should hand hygiene be performed to prevent the spread of pathogens?

Before and after prolonged contact with a client

Test your knowledge on isolation precautions, teratogenic substances, non-pathogens, and the chain of infection. Learn about factors contributing to the potential effect of microorganisms.

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