Indigenous Land Loss in the Philippines

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What event marked the start of the Spanish Empire in the Philippines?

Conquest of the Philippines on March 26, 1521

How did the Regalian Doctrine impact land ownership in the Philippines under Spanish rule?

It declared all lands under the ownership of the Spanish crown

When was the Philippine Declaration of Independence issued from Spain?

June 12, 1898

What was the outcome of the Spanish-American War for the Philippines?

Philippines sold to the United States

Who agreed to surrender Manila to the American commanders during the Spanish-American War?

Spanish governor general

What did the Land Registration Act No. 496 of 1902 declare?

All lands subject to the Torrens system could be formally registered.

What did the Mining Law of 1905 declare about public lands?

Public lands were free and open for exploration, occupation, and purchase by U.S. citizens.

What was the purpose of Proclamation No. 217 of 1929 regarding national minority lands?

To limit and regulate mining activities in national minority lands.

What impact did the Public Land Acts of 1913, 1919, and 1925 have on fertile land in the Philippines?

Opened up fertile land to homesteaders and corporations.

Under the Commonwealth Act No. 137 of 1935, what was the limitation imposed on cultural communities related to mining activities?

Cultural communities engaging in native mining or gold panning would face limitations and punishments.

Learn about the struggles faced by indigenous peoples in the Philippines during the Spanish colonization period, leading to the loss of their lands and resources.

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