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In which year was the Jnanpith Award established?


Where is the Rajvada Palace located?


When was the Gandhi Irvin Pact signed?


Which classical dance is found in Uttar Pradesh?


What is the Brood of a creature?


What is the focus of the first opportunity in the rapid fire round event?

High retention in a corporation

Which cities are mentioned as having introduced Hindi as an official language?

Shimla, Darjiling, Mumbai, Hangkong

On which dates is World Youth Skills Day celebrated?

January 15 to March 15 or July 15

What language have Indian courts adopted as a formal language in their proceedings?


What target time has been set for Jeeke Jeesma in the session?

3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

What is the topic of discussion in the second opportunity of the rapid fire round event?

Gram Panchayat Constitution in India

Study Notes

  • The text is about the Vanderful Platform of Pied Piper on the Pedabbles platform, which hosts a rapid fire round with five options and a 15-second timer for users.
  • The Jnanpith Award, one of India's top literary awards, was established in 1961, 1957 and 1969.
  • Gandhi Irvin Pact was signed in the year 1932, 1931, 1930 or 1929.
  • The Data Center does not contain a fruit, a stomach, nor is there an entity called Enther or Sepal.
  • Students are asked to mark their attendance quickly at the specified time.
  • The Brood of a creature can be a tree, a bakery, a cow, or a buffalo.
  • The location of the Rajvada Palace, a hereditary project, is in Jabalpur, Manoo, Ujjain, or Indore.
  • The Onar of the Tipu Sultan and Das were carved between the Tipu Sultan and Robert Clive or Warren Hastings.
  • Kathak, a classical dance, is found in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, or Mansion.
  • The quick quiz question asks about which Indian dance is found in Northern India, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, or Mansion, and which dance is found in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, or Mansion.
  • The text also mentions that the rapid fire round on the Vanderful Platform of Pied Piper continues, and users will meet Deyer Tumaro at the end of the session.

Test your knowledge on Indian literature, history, and geography with questions about Jnanpith Award, Gandhi Irvin Pact, Rajvada Palace location, and more. Take on the rapid fire round on the Vanderful Platform of Pied Piper and see how you fare!

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