Indian Archeology History Trivia

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Who deciphered the Brahmi Scripts in India?

James Prinsep

Who is known as the Father of Indian Archeology?

Sir Alexander Cunningham

Which archaeological site was excavated first in India?


Who announced the existence of the Indus Civilizations in 1924?

Sir John Marshall

Which individual is considered the Father of Indian prehistory?

Robert Bruce

Which Age is further divided into Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods?

Stone Age

Who is considered the Father of History?


What does BCE stand for in the context of historical dating?

Before Common Era

What does the term 'Circa' (Ca, C) signify in historical dating?

Approximate date

What is the study of deciphering historical manuscripts known as?


Which organization was founded by Sir William Jones in 1784 AD?

Asiatic Society

What is the term used for the study of past through examination of material remains?


Test your knowledge of the history of Indian archeology with this quiz covering important figures, excavations, and discoveries. Learn about individuals like James Prinsep, Sir Alexander Cunningham, and Sir John Marshall, as well as key excavations such as Harappa. Explore the timeline of Indian civilizations from the prehistoric period to the ancient Indus civilization.

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