Increase in Matrons' Pay and Benefits in SC and ST Girls' Hostels

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What was the monthly remuneration of Matrons working in the girls' hostels of the SC and ST Department before the recent hike?

Rs 10,000

At what age do Matrons superannuate after their service period?

60 years

What is the onetime assistance provided to the heir of a working woman Matron who unfortunately dies?

Rs 2 lakh

How much would the State Government have to spend annually due to the recent hike in Matrons' pay?

Rs 15 crore

What is the total amount provided to Matrons on their superannuation after the service period?

Rs 1 lakh

Study Notes

Odisha Government Announcements

  • Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik increases monthly remuneration of Matrons in girls' hostels of SC and ST Department from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.
  • One-time assistance of Rs 2 lakh to be provided to the heir of a Matron who dies while working.
  • Matrons will receive Rs 1 lakh on superannuation after completing service period at the age of 60 years.
  • The State Government will spend Rs 15 crore annually to implement these announcements.

Learn about the recent announcement made by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to increase the monthly remuneration of Matrons in SC and ST girls' hostels from Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. Understand the additional benefits provided to working Matrons and their heirs in case of unfortunate events.

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