Incentives and Their Effects in Economics

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What are the two kinds of effects of monetary incentives?

How do extrinsic incentives affect intrinsic incentives?

Why may rewarding blood donations backfire?

What can explicit incentives signal in trust relationships?

How do incentives affect motivation?

What are the potential effects of incentives on ethical sensibilities?

What is the usual penalty for late returning of items in public libraries?

What was the tested intervention for promoting rule compliance in the library?

What were the advantages of the message intervention used in the study?

How did the different email contents sent to library members affect the proportion of late returned items and the number of days between the return and the due date?

What was found to be effective in promoting rule compliance among library users?

What impact duration was observed for the message intervention used in the study?

What did the study find about the influence of culture on how users react to messages targeted at rule compliance?

What are the tools of nudging mentioned in the text?

How do social norms impact a wide range of behaviors?

What are some reasons mentioned in the text for why social information can affect individuals?


Explore the effects of incentives in economics, including the potential backfiring of monetary incentives. Learn about the direct price effect and the indirect psychological effect of incentives on behavior.

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