Importance of Science and Technology in Socioeconomic Progress

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According to the passage, what is the primary task of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in the Philippines?

All of the above

What is NOT mentioned as a responsibility of the DST in the passage?

Providing funding for scientific research projects

What is the primary concern regarding science and technology for Third World countries, as mentioned in the passage?

The problem of dependence in science and technology

According to the passage, what did the natives of the Philippine archipelago practice before the Spanish colonization?

Practices linked to science and technology

What is the main reason cited in the passage for the need to develop a country's science and technology?

To achieve socioeconomic progress in the contemporary world

When did the concern for developing science and technology become widespread among governments, according to the passage?

After World War II

What did the Spanish introduce during their colonial rule in the Philippines?

Both a) and b)

Which bureau was established by the Philippine Commission in 1901 during the American period?

Bureau of Government Laboratories

What was the primary role of the Bureau of Science until World War II?

Serving as the primary research center of the Philippines

During Ferdinand Marcos' presidency, what did the amended 1973 Philippine Constitution declare?

The advancement of science and technology shall have priority in national development

What is the importance of scientists and technologists in a developing country?

They are key players in the country's quest for industrialization

What is mentioned as a necessary step for the Philippines to halt the cycle of technological backwardness and poverty?

Scientists and technologists advocating for the improvement of S&T

Explore the significance of developing science and technology for socioeconomic progress in countries, especially in the post World War II era. Learn about the challenges faced by Third World nations regarding dependence on science and technology for political and economic autonomy.

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